Saturday, October 21, 2006

and you thought this was over...

sorry kids, i know its been a while since i've updated this deal. but rest assured, this creation of mine is far from its end! as long as there are thousands of pages on google image search and as long as i can think up creative ways to search for them, there will be top quality hot tub party pics reviewed. and thats a guarantee!

oh man did fil ever deliver on this one! this fine pedigree comes from what is probably my new favorite website to browse for hot tub pics, "linda's big connections", a website dedicated to finding big ol' ladies love and places to hang out in hot tubs with said lovers (or something). once again, we have an extremely awkward grouping of people that makes this kind of thing so beautiful. my favorite thing here is the kind of sweetly retarded-looking guy a little left of center who's face is nothing but pure rapture for our tubby-hot-tub statue of liberty in the center. it's true, sonny, you done picked a winner! on the far right: arm brace, cast, or one of those hot topic avril levigne arm-sock things? you decide! the guy next to her is just sooo stoked that he simply has to be pointed out. hell, everyone in this picture is pretty much priceless! (literally) big up to linda's big connections for the good times!

YES! two thumbs up is exactly what i'm giving rick for finding this instant classic. in my dream world, these two gents are fighting (playfully, of course) for the right to massage homegirl's shoulders. and boy is she ever (playfully) distressed to be caught in between this battle! womb-broom dude is sporting one of the finest facial expressions to have graced this blog yet, like seriously top-notch. all-around this is truly amazing. we can always count on rick to bring the finest, and this is certainly no exception!

now HTPB reader brayan sent me this one via e-mail, but whats weird is that i actually found this guy myself a few months ago. we're on the same wavelength, dawg! i've been sitting on this for a long time, but you know it would be wrong of me to deprive you all of such a good picture! its been a while since we've had some wine in the hot tub too. this is another case where when i go to write about the picture, i find something completely different i'd never noticed before. case in point: i know y'all are looking and laughing at the foggin' glasses dude like i was, but look a little closer...dude's got boobs! see what i'm saying? i would have never guessed it to be a lady, but i done proved myself wrong! the duder behind him/her is looking equally as stumped too. not blamin' ya, pal!

wellp, thats it for now, but you know i'll be back with more soon, so stay put!


artforspastics said...

I'm kinda partial to my brother in unibrow unity in the top pic.

artforspastics said...

One more awesome aspect of my pic with the dueling shoulder-rub is how the woman is actually such an ultranerd that she's wearing a Casio G-Shock watch? What kinda woman wears one of those? Ask my friend what kinda gals are in his UC Davis engineering classes.

Deth Punx said...

did anyone catch the three dudes slinking away in the upper right on the upper most photo? one guy has serious cartoon hair or like a fucking raisenette on his head.

Kevin said...

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Rodries Sumner said...

Wow, it looks like you guys have some pretty awesome hot tub parties. Where is the best place to find hot tubs for sale in Northbrook Illinois?

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