Friday, October 26, 2007

it's not over 'till i say its over!

alright chumpy dumpty, you had seriously given up on me, hadn't you? admit it; it's cool. its not like i've done one of these in months or anything, so fair's fair.

anyway, less bullhonk, more hot tubs!
sorry for the delay, now ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! i was simply not prepared when good ol' HTPB fan #1 DJ Rick dropped this nasty turd on my myspace comments. i don't even wanna know what these dudes are smiling about, let alone know what that filth in their hair is. 10 bucks says that ain't no "LA LOOKS" or "LA BELLA" gellin' those strands together. beardo in the front is looking especially gross; that face rug probably hasn't been cleaned since god knows when, so now its at that point where really old dudes' dreadlocks just grow into one solid mass of funky moss. moving on, check out that girl in the middle! its like her hair became residency for hundreds of lazy silkworms. and what is she holding, like some metal pitcher? never know, never will. at least they're drinking boddington's, so you know they're not total scum. thanks rick, another classic!

fuck yes, this is the shit right here! look at these dudes just big chillin', sippin' ledgewood and vendage, all cuttin' some jokes about their wives and talkin' muscle cars. nothing about this one is unclassy, but if i had to pick a winner, you know i'm putting all my chips on homeboy in the middle. trash tatts, gold chains, nascar (?) hat and the joakleys, this guy is the fuckin' M.A.N., maaaaan. he probably hasn't not had fun since '77, and it shows. if i could hand out prizes for these images, this guy would totally win a '81 trans am with a pile of van halen 8 tracks and an eightball of coke to do off the dash. jay-kay, you know that dude totally has ALL of those things!


welcome to college! heres your party size doritos, cheap vodka, sorrority house hot tub and a one-way ticket to a regretful morning!!!

i can't thank the internet enough for this one! dumpy dudes throwin' some hands in the air, two thumbs up, peace signs, random business attire (shed the duds and have some fun, chief!), uneven dude-to-dudette ratio...this one has pretty much everything i could ever ask for! i really wish i had more to say, but i think everything about this one is absolutely PERFECT.

thats it for now friends, gotta slink back into hiding for a little while longer. you'd better believe though that in my time off from updating this thing i've amassed an even more sizeable collection of these things, so maybe an update will happen sooner than you think?

keep the faith and never say die!

sincere luv,
HTPB editor-in-chief