Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we don't die, we multiply!

my best bud fil has been in this hot tub party searchin' game with me for quite some time, and he's come up with quite a few amazing finds over the years (see: alien hot tub pic). so knowing i was a little dry on photos for this update, i put him to work and damn did he ever deliver! keeping with the "one man show" theme, here's some finer images hand-selected by one of the best, reviewed shotgun-style in two sentances or less:

hairy...no ladies...moustaches.....i smell BEARS!!!

you wanna try and find a picture more creepy and unsettling than this one? go ahead, I DARE YOU!

most. boring. hottub. party. ever.

guy on the left: "WHOOOOAAAAAAA! YEAAAAAHHH!!! (probably) ARIZONA STATE!!!" where exacty is the lighting in this one coming from?

the dialog bubbles (not my doing) were not needed in order to make this one hilarious. GLOWSTICKS!

this one is pretty fucking good...

...but this one is BETTER!

that mosaic blur should be covering a lot more than just a few faces, namely sooo many pairs of gross floppy boobs. however, it should not cover up CROWD-SURFING A FOAM PARTY!

try as you might, but there is no way of convincing me that this one isn't just TEEMING with latent homoeroticism!

and last but certainly not least...

"fuuuuuuuuuck, huh"


artforspastics said...

In the four bears in a tub photo, one of these kids is doin' his own thing; three of these bears are one and the same. Get that outsider to a tanning salon, quick!

As for pic #2...What's so creepy and unsettling about mixing pedophilia with mockery of East Indian tradition???

The ASU tubbers must be at a sporting event. That looks like stadium lighting.

artforspastics said...

Another funny thing about the ASU tubbers...

Check out the gal who looks like a fine young Justine Bateman on the left. Is she partying with a beer, or is that a bottle of Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce?

artforspastics said...

What Karl Malone doin' swingin' in Montreal???


no comment as to what ol' mr. malone is doing in french canadia, but i can definitely provide that once again, the "mailman" delivers!

artforspastics said...

It's so funny how the four dudes in the next-to-last photo here are trying to act like they do this kinda partying all the time, yet you know that one of these four boys lives at home with his mom. Who else would decorate their hot tub room with Wal-Mart country-craft cows? And I'm betting the cow on the left's head fell off when the heat from the tub caused the glue to melt away, and the kid probably glued it back before his mom came home.

sutera said...

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TitansFan said...

Lol, Nothing like bromance in hot tubs.

For some reason I always try to invite couples to my Hot Tub Party. It makes the girl guy ratio better.

Hot said...
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Max Manroe said...

Lol I choose the butterfly...it's better pict that you have here. Just curious...where do you get all of the pictures?
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scott said...

I have to say i really like the floating tub that looks like an iceberg love to know where you get them from. Thats really cool !!!!

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scott said...
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Nicolas said...

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Jerry said...

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Chad said...
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imm0rtal reaper said...

I would love to attend a hot tub party. Unfortunately the weather in the UK doesn't allow for it very often.

imm0rtal reaper said...

I would love to attend a hot tub party. Unfortunately the weather in the UK doesn't allow for it very often.

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